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Information about Koliba

The official opening of new builded Koliba was in September 24, 2010. The Koliba is situated on Przysłup Caryński pass located between gables Połonina Caryńska and Magura Stuposiańska.

The opening of new builded Koliba in the Bieszczady Mountains is a special event, which does not occur every day. For the moment the "youngest" shelter prepared for use in Bieszczady was the shelter "Pod Honem" in Cisna (which was opened for visitors 24 years ago- in 1986) and the second shelter called "Chata Socjologa in Otryt, opened for visitors in 2008 in the place of the previous, destroyed by the fire in January 2003 premiss. "Koliba" is a modern building, reffering with its shape to prewar, carpathian mountains shelters and regional architecture. The new building was built in the place of the old, wooden "Koliba", which had and still is has the great sentimental value for many tourists in Bieszczady. For many years the "Koliba" had been lead by Tomasz Nawrot, Krystyna Rados, Maria Łapa, then Karolina and Tomasz Jędrusiakowie. Mrs. Karolina and Mr. Tomasz  leading the new "Koliba".

"Koliba" have to offer the places for several dozen tourists at the same time. The lower floor is a spacious room, which is treated as     the common room. The upper floors are designed for comfortable rooms for two or more people. Most of the rooms have the beautiful view for the highest part of Bieszczady- mountain range of Bukowe Berdo, Krzemień and Tarnica with the Szeroki Wierch. Among them the well-known pass Goprowców is perfectly visible.

During the opening ceremony of "Koliba", the ceremonial ribbon cutting was done by the Warsaw University of Technology Rector Professor Włodzimierz Kurnik with the Silesian University of Technology Rector Professor Stanisław Adamczak, mayor of the Lutowiska discrict and delegates of : district fire brigade, Polish Border Guards, Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue and the representatives of Warsaw University of Technology Student's Union. During the ceremony the regional band "Połoniny" from Lutowiska had their performance.

The History of Przysłup Caryński

Published: 21/07/2020

A forest board with a map and a historical note about the village of Caryńskie.

The Caryńskie is the non-existing  village, located between the mountain range of Połonina Caryńska and Magura Stuposiańska. The village was lying along the Przysłup Caryński. The first information about the village is from 1620, however it is highly probable that this area had been inhabited by the Boykos, a group of highlanders, earlier. Due to the mountainous location of the village, far from the travelled routes, the inhabitants were living there in some kind of isolation. They had maintained the lifestyle and the traditions, which had been ruled there from years.

Location of Koliba

Published: 21/07/2020

Location of Koliba on the map of Poland

Thanks to its location in the centre of tourist routes in Bieszczady mountains, Koliba is the very attractive starting point for short trips as well as more ambitious routes. Here are some of the most interesting suggestions.