Location of Koliba

Location of Koliba on the map of Poland

Location of Koliba.
NordNordWest / CC BY-SA

Thanks to its location in the centre of tourist routes in Bieszczady mountains, Koliba is the very attractive starting point for short trips as well as more ambitious routes. Here are some of the most interesting suggestions.

  • You can take the green route from Koliba on the Połonina Caryńska back or you can continue your journey in three directions: you can go to the Połonina Wetlińska to the shelter “Chatka Puchatka” (the last update - the shelter is now totally rebuild, so it is not opened for any visitors) and after that to Wetlina; you can go through the Wyżniańska mountain passes to the shepherd's hut “Pod Małą Rawką” and then to the small and big Rawka ; you can also go down to the Ustrzyki Górne and from this place you can easily return through Bereżki to Koliba. ;
  • You can go according to the “green” and “blue” route to Magura Stuposiańska, then go down to Dwernik and go through the Caryńska valley to the Koliba. You may also continue your journey to Otryt to the shelter “Chata Socjologa”. On you way  to the shelter there is a possibility to sunbathing near the river San, from the trail junction under Magura you may go down to Pszczelin-Widełek and continue your route through Bukowe Berdo, to the mountain peak Tarnica and to Wołosate;
  • You can go according to the “yellow” route to Bereżki village (the shortest route to PKS -Polish National Bus Company). From this point you may go or take the bus to Ustrzyki Górne - 4 kilometers) or Wołosate. From this place you may go to Tarnica, mountain peak. This is the highest peak in the Polish Bieszczady. The route from Wołosate to Tarnica is the shortest route to this peak;
  • You can take the historical and natural route from Koliba through the picturesque Połonina Caryńska and discover the Caryńskie village remains like the old cemetery or Orthodox church area. After that you can continue your journey to Dwernik Kamień from which you can see one of the most beautiful view on Bieszczady. From Dwernik Kamień you can go down to Zatwarnica and then to river San valley or you can take the route back to the Koliba.;

The same route can be used for going to Nasiczne, where the picturesque cascades can be found on the Nasiczański stream. In the summer you can even swim in the deeps under the waterfall. Apart from hiking tours, you can also take the bicycle tours, mainly through the forest routes so called “stokówki” or go using the ring road of Bieszczady. In the nearby villages you can also rent horses or join the one or more days horse rally. In the winter the Caryńska valley is the best place for cross country skiing, and for amateurs of touring skis the whiteness of Połonina Caryńska is encouraging.

In Koliba you can always count on our advice and help in planning the interesting journey adapted to the physical condition and needs of everyone.